Constantly pushing on the pull door of life


I haven’t done any blogging yet in 2016 — I’ve moved to Canberra in Australia for at least a year (hopefully longer!) to be closer to my partner and try to experience a different education system. I’m excited for the challenges that 2016 will bring.

I saw a picture from @sylviaduckworth and thought it would be fun to do.


2 things you do well and will continue to do

  • I will work with students to develop a better understanding of Growth Mindsets.
  • I will embed the use of digital technologies within my lessons.

0 Something you want to stop doing

  • I should stop stressing about results over pupil experience.

1 person you want to improve your relationship with

  • This one is a bit tough. Hopefully I’ll find a job at a school in Canberra soon where I’ll be building new relationships with lots of people: colleagues, students, parents …

6 things you will do this year to step outside your comfort zone

  • I will move to another country!
  • I shall engage with using Googledocs as a classroom tool.
  • I will organise a ‘no pens’ day at a school.
  • I shall blog at least once a week.
  • I will share more resources online.
  • I will start a university module. I find the idea of starting a Masters degree terrifying because I find writing essays difficult!

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