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I have been tutoring for 5 years within Edinburgh.

A lot of young people I tutor tell me they have gaps in their knowledge which stop them fully achieving in class. These can be due to a large number of factors but I’ve found the most common is that the young person hasn’t grasped a piece of knowledge and the learning has then moved on to the next part. This missing bit of information then snowballs and they find themselves feeling lost and lacking confidence to continue.

I have found one-to-one tutoring is a great way to increase their confidence and help to fill any gaps in knowledge that a student may have.  It is also a great way to focus study and to prepare for assessments and exams.

I find young people learn best when they have helped decide the focus for a session – I can tailor the session meet any needs that arise. I prefer not to use a formulaic approach to learning mathematics but rather breaking down problems and building success criteria with a young person which they can use at any time when stuck to build their knowledge and confidence.

Beginning with the fundamentals I`ll work with my tutee to build up confidence in mathematics and then work on developing knowledge and reasoning skills. We will use exam style questions within sessions to help prepare for assessments and exams, and to build confidence in being able to deal with these types of questions. I will also help a tutee with any on-going coursework they may have, but this should not be the focus of a session.

I like to use technology where I can to help and to engage any young people. Using Edmodo or Microsoft OneNote to share questions and solutions, as well as a platform to ask specific help out with sessions. I also like to use it as a way to set up a focus for upcoming sessions and evaluate performance.

S1 – S3  Broad General Education  £20 p/hour
S4 – S6  National 4/5 Mathematics  £25 p/hour
S4 – S6  National 4/5 Lifeskills Mathematics  £25 p/hour
S4 – S6  Higher Mathematics £30 p/hour

I am currently available evenings Monday – Thursday and mornings Saturday.

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